Uniquely Fullmark
Fullmark  directly procures the ginger from the various farms and processes and packs them for export in its processing facility. Fullmark has a large yard where the ginger is split, sun dried, and preserved in a dry storage area to avoid contact with moisture.

At Fullmark we never stop trying . We strive for new ideas , new processes , new technologies , higher levels of quality and customer service.

Ginger is a irregular shaped rootstock of the ginger plant, which is also referred to as an herb spice.  It is usually dried to preserve it for transport and storage. Nigerian dry ginger is highly valued in international markets for its aroma, pungency and high oil and oleoresin content. The bulk of Nigerian  ginger is marketed internationally in split-dried form,. The wider acceptability of the split-dried ginger is attributed to the higher retention of the flavour components of ginger that are concentrated just below the peel. The splitting process also facilitates faster and thorough drying of ginger.

Uses of Dried Ginger

The list of ginger uses is almost endless, being a pungent spicy herb and one of the more popular food spices. They range from baked products like ginger cookies to drinks like ginger tea, ginger beer, ginger ale, etc. The dried ginger is processed into industrial products mainly ginger powder, essential oils, oleoresin etc.

Fullmark has been committed to buying Ginger in an ethically and socially responsible way.  We spend more time in the growing areas & we strive to understand what farmers need to sustain their livelihoods. We apply fair trade principles and consistently pay fair prices, caring for the social and environmental needs of the growing regions and thus ensuring high quality long term supply

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