Uniquely Fullmark
Fullmark is proud to state that we are the first company in Nigeria to completely mechanize the cleaning process and to setup a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled color sorter facility for sorting of Gum Arabic.
At Fullmark we never stop trying. We strive for new ideas, new processes, new technologies, higher levels of quality and customer service.

Gum Arabic is a natural gum that oozes out from Acacia trees  and dries to form tears / nodules. There are more than 1,000 Acacia species worldwide but  Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal are the most prized commercially .

Gum Arabic is an ancient ingredient that has been used since 4000 BC. The use of gum arabic thus dates back almost 6000 years and is the oldest and best known of all the natural gums. The uses of Gum Arabic have evolved over time to include uses in confectionery, flavours, pharmaceuticals, bakery, beverages, inks , pigments etc. Due to the demand by health conscious consumers for natural ingredients, Gum Arabic usage has seen considerable increase in food related industries.

Fullmark has a dominant share in Nigeria's Gum Arabic trade . We process and trade in different grades of Gum Arabic such as Grade I, Grade II and Grade III ( aka gum combretum ) and also Gum Sokoto . Fullmark is the only company to establish collection depots at growing locations avoiding at source cross contamination between grades. We are equipped with state-of-art processing & packaging facilities. The primary market for our gum has been India and Fullmark is a well known and established brand in this market.

Fullmark has been committed to buying gum Arabic in an ethically and socially responsible way.  We spend more time in the Gum Arabic growing areas & we strive to understand what farmers need to sustain their livelihoods. We apply fair trade principles and consistently pay fair prices, caring for the social and environmental needs of the Gum Arabic growing regions and ensuring the long term supply of high quality Gum Arabic.

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