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Company Profile

Fullmark has been promoted by Mr. Sriram Venkateswaran. In Nigeria , the Fullmark Group commenced business in the year 1994 by representing Nigerian exporters in various markets worldwide. Meticulous planning and hands on approach by the owners ensured that there was rapid growth.  The Fullmark group has a wide reach in the West African  countries and has  sourcing operations in Burkina Faso, Chad, Ivory Coast , Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal. Though Fullmark has primarily been involved in processing of Arabic Gum, Dry Ginger, & Sesame Seeds it has also dealt in Cotton, Hibiscus flowers and Turmeric. Fullmark also has associates in United Kingdom, United States of America ,United Arab Emirates, India and the Far East which are primarily markets for the commodities dealt in by the group. Among exporters in West Africa  we were the first to start branding agro commodities and all our exports were under the name Fullmark.

Quality consciousness, strategic planning ,dedication and the concept of branding helped us to establish Fullmark as a preferred brand of choice in most markets where we are present.

Our Processing Facility

Fullmark has set up a best-in-class agro processing facility in the state of Kano in Nigeria. This  processing facility extends over 100,000 square feet in area (covered 45000 sqft)  and is  solely dedicated for cleaning, sorting , grading and  packaging  of agro commodities. Our innovative processes are unique and we apply stringent quality control methods throughout the harvesting, grading, packaging, storage and shipment process.  The entire process is locally managed with the help of local community who are employed on a seasonal basis. Fullmark has helped in improving the lives of over 500 men and women and their families by providing sustained employment opportunities.

Our long experience in collecting and processing the produce has yielded consistent quality grades that our customers rely on. We serve a wide range of industrial and other customers across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, who trust our professionalism and integrity.
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